Drawing the Line

When Jacob told me that he was interested in buying some Focusrite Claretts audio equipment, I had no idea what kind of money he was talking about. He asked me if I was able to fit that into our budget this month, and I told him that I would have to have more information, since he had not given me any idea of the prices he was talking about. He has a tendency to try to get me to agree to pay for something before I know the price, and I am not going to fall for that trick again! So…..

He showed me some of the equipment he was talking about online, and I was not very happy with the amount of money he is talking about spending. I told him that I would have to think about it and get back to him. At the moment, I am thinking about telling him that he is going to have to cough up the money on his own. I’ve got some automobile repair expenses staring me in the face, and that is a lot more important to me than helping him to buy some new audio equipment!

Fancy manicures

I’ve never used nail polish on my nails. I don’t understand why, but when I try to use it on my nails, my finger nails actually HURT! (Yeah, I know I’m weird!) It must be some kind of allergy. I’m allergic to sunscreen, too! And hypoallergenic makeup! Anyway, because of that, I don’t use nail polish!

I do enjoy seeing the fancy manicures that other women have, I admire the ones that have fancy patterns on them.

One thing I’m surprised that I haven’t seen (considering the season) is a manicure that has each nail decorated like an Easter Egg! I think that would look so cool!

Happy Valentines Day to All My Sweethearts!

picture of red happy valentines day heart

I love this picture of a red Valentine’s Day heart and the letters that are different shades of pink. I think Valentine’s are for everyone – not just lovers. Even people who are not married or don’t have a boyfriend can still celebrate Valentine’s Day and enjoy candy or flowers or just simple little cards that make you fee special to someone. Happy Valentines Day to All My Sweethearts!

Groundhog Day supper at the community center

Tonight I wanted to go to the Community Center to their annual Groundhog Day supper that is put on by the local community service club. I’m pretty sure that I haven’t gone to their previous years dinners, but I could be mistaken. I was hoping that my hubby and son would come with me, but they elected to stay home. Usually I hesitate to go to something like that alone, but I’m tired of not ever going to things like that because I’m the only one that wants to go!

So I went by myself, and sat with a couple I had never met before tonight. They were friendly enough and we shared a few laughs, and actually the lady of the couple confided in my that she had recently suffered the loss of her mother, which brought tears to her eyes. I empathized with her and extended my condolences. By the time we finished eating I think I had made some new friends!

Catch 22

Guest post by Sandra Hutchins

When we moved five years ago, we listed our house in New England for sale. The house is in a great location; a popular tourist area. We had no reason to believe that it would not sell quickly. So, we listed it for sale with a well-known real estate agent, expecting the offers to simply pour in. She told us that the house was worth twice what we thought it was worth, and she convinced us to list it at a high price.

So, we signed a one-year exclusive contract with her, and sat back and waited for the hundreds of buyers to come pouring through the door and waging a bidding war! Little did we know that the only thing that the real estate agent would do to sell our home was to give our papers to her secretary to have it posted on the MLS and their website.

In the year that the house was listed with her, the house was shown only three times. Having anticipated a quick sale, we bought another house, which we are currently living in now. Then my hubby was in a bad car accident last fall, which left him unable to work, and no money is coming in yet from the insurance settlement. Mainly because we haven’t gone into settlement yet, my hubby is still going through medical treatments and procedures.

So, long story short, we have run out of money to pay the mortgage on the house in New England. I sent a letter to the mortgage company for that house, requesting special hardship forbearance. I explained the circumstances that the house was for sale, my hubby was injured, that we could make up the payments when the house sold or my hubby went back to work.

The mortgage company denied our request, saying the reason for the denial was that we did not make enough money to pay the mortgage! Talk about a Catch-22! That’s why I sent them the hardship forbearance request!

What is even more upsetting about the denial is that this particular mortgage company is “the one” that has been in the news almost every week, in stories about how hard they are trying to help their customers avoid losing their houses!

So, we have stopped making payments on that house, and are hoping that an offer comes in from a buyer before the mortgage company forecloses on it. I was really hoping to avoid foreclosure because we have had excellent credit our whole lives, and the foreclosure will mark us with bad credit ratings for seven years, which will make our lives a lot more difficult.