Not in the Holiday mood today

Bah Humbug (free clip art)

Bah Humbug (free clip art)

As I look towards this week, I am preparing my list of things to get done, and am feeling completely overwhelmed. Not in the mood to put forth any effort at all for Thanksgiving or Christmas! Not feeling like I want to decorate, not feeling like I want to go shopping, not feeling like I want to cook any food! I hope that feeling goes away! There have been years when I have had a lot of ambition and energy and years when I have not done much of anything at all. The years when I don’t do very much I end up feeling guilty afterwards, so I really should put my bad mood aside, grit my teeth and get on with it! I used to love the holidays, but the past few years I have dreaded them. I wish I could get over that feeling! I much prefer the holidays when I was happy and excited!

Cooking With Country Ham

country ham (free clip art)

country ham (free clip art)

I never had the taste of a country ham until after I left home and was out on my own. My mom is not a fan of ham at all, and she sure doesn’t care for country ham. She says that hams are too salty and all that salt is not healthy. Salt is especially not good for people with high blood pressures issues. So she avoids ham and the only time I might eat ham was at school if they served ham sandwiches, or maybe a ham and egg biscuit from McDonalds once in a great while.

But one night I had to go to a business function and that included a buffet country dinner. One of the features on the buffet was country ham biscuits with macaroni and cheese. OMG! I was in love with those biscuits – they melted in my mouth. And the mac and cheese was a really nice change for dinner. It was so creamy and flavorful – nothing like the mac and cheese that I had growing up.

Now I am going to find some recipes for cooking country ham and then I hope to find someone to share a country ham with me. There is no way that I can eat a whole ham by myself – that is a whole lot of meet. But if someone would split the cost with me and take half of the ham, I could eat ham for several days and then wrap the rest in ziploc bags and put them in the freezer for later.

No deposit bingo

Bingo (free clip art)

Bingo (free clip art)

5 Lessons I learned from playing online bingo

I am not a pro player but I have got a good deal of guiding newbies to playing bingo. Bingo has been steadily growing as a favourite game amongst many youngsters apart from our old folks. There are fun facts about this fun game where you could play with an ease of a 10 year old kid. This simple game was introduced first by Italians in the early 1500’s and was known as Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia. This game has evolved on various platforms, with its roots in the early days of church games to now more prominent usage as mobile games. Online bingo has become a favourite hobby for many, because of its simplicity and obviously the technology advancement in these games.

So here are the lessons I learned from playing online bingo.

Bingo site reviews – these are to help you out if you are in confusion about any site and try out no deposit bingo. Most of these will help you in understanding the way the site deals their players with. Give it a try and you will surely like it. Always make your first deposit because the first deposits are given better bonus specials to enjoy.

  • Ticket prices – there are free bingo rooms that you could play with and you could then try rooms where tickets cost as mere as 1p. Later on you can buy tickets of higher costs. Remember one thing there are tickets which costs higher are usually the ones with a bigger jackpot. Try to buy more tickets as possible to increase your chances to win.
  • Mailers – never opt out from the emails or any post mails because you usually get the best deals through them. There are always special bonus offers and may be free cash to win without just depositing! That’s an amazing deal that you can hardly miss.
  • Promotions – every site has a specific promotion running through the month and these are the best times that you could actually gun for big prizes. So next time, you check out any promotion, make sure that you don’t miss them out at all.
  • Prizes – if you see any special prizes that are being served hot, then you should make a run for it! Never let that pass by you as you could be the next one to win those grand prize. Wherever you feel that you have chance to win then you should win it! Don’t postpone it thinking that the same prize will be there next month. Always try to give your best shots.

Hope these 5 reasons are best enough to get you started on any bingo site you wish to enjoy, my favourite is GameVillage Bingo because of its wonderful first deposit bonus and spin the wheel offer that won me special prizes.

Lemon Cake for Dessert

lemon cake (free clip art)

lemon cake (free clip art)

Most of the time when I order dessert I get something made with chocolate. But we went to this really nice restaurant downtown and the four of us decided to do something different about dessert. My boyfriend knows the restaurant manager, so we called him over and asked if they would do something special for our table. Of course, he said yes! What my boyfriend asked was for them to take four desserts and cut each one into four or more pieces and bring them all out to our table on one big platter. Isn’t that a cool idea? Like a dessert buffet at our own table.

So when they brought the dessert platter, there was four slices of lemon cake, four slices of “Death by Chocolate,” four slices of New York cheesecake, and four slices of warm apple pie. OMG! It was impossible to pick from so many great desserts! That is why this platter was such a great idea. Each of us got to sample four different desserts instead of having to choose just one.

So I got one slice of each one, and although I would probably not have ordered the lemon cake from the menu, it turned out to be my favorite dessert last night. It was so moist and had a luscious lemon filling with raspberries on top. I swear it was heavenly and I will definitely order the lemon cake next time for my dessert. I can’t wait to go back there!

Safeway cashiers and baggers need better training

Late last night on my way home from a meeting, I stopped at the local Safeway store to pick up a bag of Halloween candy. There were displays of Halloween candy right by the front door, and I grabbed a bag of assorted Reese’s candies, putting

Safeway logo (free clip art)

Safeway logo (free clip art)

them in my shopping basket. While there I decided to look for a package of chicken thighs that were not boneless and skinless. I had a recipe in mind that called for chicken thighs with the bones and skins, and for some reason the other grocery stores in the area didn’t seem to have any the past few weeks.

Well, I was in luck, Safeway had the chicken thighs! I looked around for a plastic bag dispenser, or a paper towel dispenser to use to pick up the chicken thighs. My experience with raw chicken in grocery stores has been that they leak chicken “juice” and I did not want to get any on my hands. Well, there were no plastic bags or paper towels in sight, which was very aggravating! With thoughts of salmonella racing through my mind, I gingerly picked up the package of chicken thighs and placed them in my shopping basket, as far from the candy as I could get it.

When the cashier rang up the sale, he first rang up the candy, and put it in a plastic bag. Then he rang up the chicken thighs and put them in the exact same plastic bag, right on top of the candy! I immediately informed him that he should NOT put raw chicken products in the same bag as Halloween candy! He started to argue with me! I explained that chicken often leaks and I do not want chicken “juice” all over my candy! So he removed the chicken from the bag and put it in a separate bag. I thanked him, paid, and left.

But now I am thinking I should have insisted on a different bag of candy! I don’t even want to touch that bag I brought home!

This is a guest post by Linda Bradshaw, a professional writer who enjoys writing about her personal experiences and Ruritan Club interests.