March Came in Like a Lion

Well, I’m not sure how that superstition goes about the weather in March. If it comes in like a lion, then it is supposed to go out like a lamb. So, if the weather is bad in early March,, with snow and freezing temperatures then it will be nice at the end of March.

What I can’t figure out is whether that means the first day of March only? Or does it mean like the first week or so? Because March 1 was actually pretty mild and nice here, then overnight it got all ugly again. We’ve have snow and ice and schools closed and a big weather mess all week long.

I am hoping that the last of winter is here this week and that each day coming along will get progressively warmer and nicer, so that the last week of March is mild and nice.

And hopefully it will be flip flop weather again really soon. I wonder if any of the stores have got their flip flop stock into the stores yet? I need to grab the new colors and some fun styles of flip flops as soon as the stores put them out or my size will be gone like it was last year when I waited too long to go shopping.

Had to Use the LaundroMat Tonight

My washer is broken. It’s only two years old and was the top of the line, but here I am loading up my car to go to the laundromat instead of doing my laundry in the comfort of my own home.

I called Lowe’s to see if the machine is covered under a warranty and they said that the parts are covered but the labor is not. So I asked them to send someone out ASAP and he will not be able to get here until next Thursday. I can’t wait that long to wash my towels and sheets and some of my jeans. So, here I go to the laundromat.

Did you know that one load in the laundromat washer is $4.75? And I have to wash three loads tonight! OMG – I don’t see how the people who have no washer at home can afford to pay that kind of price every week to wash their family’s clothes!

You can get a used washer for only $100 – but that does you no good if the place you are living does not have the hookups.. You have to have the water pipes and a drain installed to use a washer, and a lot of the older apartments and the cheaper apartments don’t have hookups and some don’t even have laundry rooms at all.

Collecting Cookie Recipes

This year I am in the mood for baking over the Christmas holidays. I want to make a bunch of different kinds of Christmas cookies and the deliver them on pretty plates to some of the service providers, businesses and offices that I have done business with or used this past year.

The guys who pick up my trash every week deserve a tray of cookies, and so does the newspaper carrier. I think that I will take a plate of cookies to my vet for him and the office staff, and maybe take a plate to my doctor’s office, too.

I do not know what kinds of holiday cookies to make yet. I am collecting cookie recipes now from the internet and some cookbooks that I have on the shelf here at home. I want them to be colorful and festive and, of course, they need to taste good, too!

Chicken and Waffles for Dinner

A popular foodie item on the West Coast is chicken and waffles, but there are not many places back East that serve them. The most famous place is in the Los Angeles area. Someone started a little diner kind of place and some of the Hollywood crowd found the place and started hanging out there. Next thing they knew, there was so much business they had to open a second location, and then another and another…. and now there are imitators all over the place, too.

Around here, I noticed a newspaper article about some of the newer trendy restaurants are starting to feature chicken and waffles, but not the traditional style – they have their own little flourishes. I was in the mood for some regualr, old school chicken and waffles the other night, but could not find any place online that specifically listed that as something on their menu.

So, I ended up going to Puckett’s downtown and was going to order their shrimp and grits when I noticed that they have included chicken and waffles on their menu now! Woot! The only thing that concerned me is the menu description said that the chicken is dipped in a batter with some spciy cajun seasoning. Oh, shoot. I asked if there was any way they could hold off on the spicy seasonings, but the waitress said that it was already in the batter – but that it was very light and that most people cannot even taste it. So I decided to try it.

I have to say that the Puckett’s version of chicken and waffles is excellent. The spicy cajun seasoning is barely noticeable but it does give the chicken just a little kick. The waffles are huge, Belgian waffle style and very moist and tender. You don’t need a knife for either the waffles or the chicken – they are fork tender. That was a winner for me – I will definitely order the chicken and waffles at Puckett’s again.

Why Do Dogs Love Strawberry Poptarts?

Sometimes I buy Poptarts to keep in the pantry for a snack and also in my desk at work for when I am hungry but can’t take time to get an actual meal. Work gets pretty hectic at the dealership and there are days when I don’t get more than a few minutes between customers to get something to eat. So a few bites of a Poptart are fast and easy and they are not messy.

Sometimes when I am at home nibbling on a Poptart for a quick snack, my dog will come and beg for a piece of it. But he only wants a strawberry Poptart – if I have any other flavor of Poptart, he sniffs at it and then turns his head away. So, why do dogs love strawberry Poptarts? He will eat blueberries when they are in pancakes or waffles. Why not blueberry Poptarts? It makes no sense!