Buy Now Pay Later

Buy now (free clip art)

Buy now (free clip art)

Credit cards seem to be a blessing and a curse to my family. On the one hand, having a credit card is a great convenience. Having one allows you to “buy now and pay later.” That is great to have when you absolutely need to have something in order to survive and you don’t have the cash on you but you know that by the time the credit card bill comes in you will have enough money to pay it off in full. But if you are using the credit card for purchases that you simply “want” and you know that when the credit card bill comes in you will not have enough money to pay it off, then you are setting yourself up for problems down the road.

One of the biggest issues that I have with credit cards is that having a credit card reinforces “instant gratification” and makes it harder to learn and practice “delayed gratification.” We all need to learn, and practice “delayed gratification.” It is part of being a responsible adult. Sooner or later, most of us need to become responsible adults if we are to survive as a species. So my advice to most of my friends and family is to try to avoid that instant gratification trap of “buy now and pay later.” If you don’t have the money to “buy now and pay now” then think three or four times about whether or not you actually need the item so bad that it is worth gambling your credit rating over getting it. Chances are you can wait a few weeks, save your money, then pay for the item in cash. If you are shopping online, then use PayPal if you can. Only use your credit card when you absolutely have to! This may save you a lot of grief in the long run.

Have you Seen My Ghost Pumpkins?

photo of a pile of white ghost pumpkins

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays! Who doesn’t like getting dressed up in scary costumes and walking the streets of your neighborhood collecting candy from strangers? I love getting dressed up and start working on my costume in September – I want every detail to be just perfect.

My house is decorated with orange lights and several pumpkins. This year I decided to buy the white pumpkins and make them look like ghosts.

This photo is not of my ghost pumpkins, but I used this photo as a model to carve my own. I have to find the camera cord to download the photo of my own – I can’t find that stupid cord anywhere and the photos are trapped inside my camera!

Click to order

Click Here (free clip art)

Click Here (free clip art)

One of the things I really love about shopping on the Internet is the ability to simple click on an icon to purchase the item that you have found and then be able to enter your payment and shipping information and actually order the product without having to deal with a pushy sales person. I love the “Order online here” options so much that when I find something online that I want to order and I find out that I have to actually call a phone number in order to get the product, I usually look someplace else. I have found that having to telephone someone is often frustrating – many times the person taking the order has problems understanding me, or I have problems understanding them. “Click to order” – that’s what I like to do!

Forgot to Put Out My Trash

trash can (free clip art)

trash can (free clip art)

How could I forget that today is Wednesday? Every Wednesday is when our weekly trash service drives through the neighborhood and picks up our trash. The tricky part of that is we have to put our trash cans up at the street for pick up the night before. If you forget and leave the cans sitting in your driveway or in your garage, then they won’t pick it up and you have to deal with a full can for a while week until they come back.

I usually fill up a small can with my trash, so if I miss one week it is not a really big deal because the can was not full and there is still room for more trash. But some of my neighbors seem to fill their cans up to the brim or even overflowing every week. These are really big cans, too. How can people generate so much trash every week? It amazes me to think people are buying so much new stuff and has so much packaging to dispose of – and how wasteful that can be.

This morning I must have had something else on my mind other than what day it is, because I didn’t even notice the other trash cans that were put out at the street by my neighbors. What a dingbat I can be sometimes!

Pea Yew – We Have Skunks!

photo of baby skunks in the backyard

Last night I went out with a bag of trash to put it in the big dumpster and I saw something moving in the backyard. It wasn’t making any noise but it was almost completely dark and I couldn’t tell what it was, so I walked over to get a closer look. Big mistake!

The movement was jagged and irregular but moving forward across my backyard toward my neighbor’s house. When I got closer I could see something wide and round with a lot of black and white colors. It wasn’t until I was about 5 feet away that I could see well enough in the dark to realize that it was 4 baby skunks walking together across my backyard. They were walking in a tightly bunched formation, bobbing and toddling along through the leaves.

Thank goodness they did not seem to notice me at all or feel threatened. They didn’t stop – or worse, spray me. They just kept walking slowly across the leaves. I have no idea where they came from or where they were heading, but I was glad they were not making a home for themselves in my backyard! I could not handle that!

Slowly, I backed up and away from the skunks so they wouldn’t see me or pay any unwanted attention to me. I looked around for their mother but could not see anything else moving. I suspect that the mother was out hunting for her dinner and that the kids had made a run for freedom while she was gone.