Guitar Shark

Guitar Shark Pick

Guitar Shark Pick

I’ve heard of land sharks before (do you remember those funny skits from Saturday Night Live?) but I had never heard of a guitar shark! Until Jessie showed me his collection of guitar picks, and he showed me his guitar shark pick. I thought I’d seen everything! I wondered why people would go to the trouble of decorating something so small like that (unless it was jewelry, of course!)

Then I started to think about how I could get creative with something like that and use it to create funky crafts and jewelry. I’ve put a picture of the pick on this post – what do you think I could do with some of these? I’m thinking I could drill a small hole in it and turn it into a necklace, or charm, or using two of them I could make some funky earrings…… maybe try to sell them on Etsy. Do you think anyone would buy something like that?

St Paddy’s Day

St Patrick's Day leprechan (free clip art)

St Patrick’s Day leprechan (free clip art)

Today is the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. That means green beer and lots of shenanigans! I plan on staying home – there is such a focus on drinking and partying that too many people get drunk and do stupid things. I don’t feel safe on the road when I know so many people have been drinking. I call this Amateur Night.

I remember being in school on a Saint Patrick’s Day and I was not wearing green. My mother had not said anything about wearing green – we aren’t Irish and she didn’t celebrate the holiday. But I wore a regular skirt and blouse that had no green on it and I was getting pinched all day long by other kids who took advantage of the day to be a pest! Ever since that day in the fourth grade, I make sure that I am wearing green on St. Patrick’s day!!!

Do you remember your first dance?

Do you remember your first dance? And by that, I don’t mean the first time you bounced up and down to music at home, I mean the first time you left your house to go to a social occasion where music was playing and boys asked girls to dance? I can remember going to school dances in junior high school, and standing around the edges of the room, waiting and hoping for a guy to ask me to dance. I love music, and I love to dance! But no one ever asked me to dance, until our ninth grade graduation assembly. The school administrators had decided to hold an assembly that included dance music, telling the students that they should dance. That was a total surprise to all of the students!

Immediately some of the boys ran across the gym floor and grabbed up their girlfriends, and they started to dance. One boy went across the floor and asked a girl to dance, and she refused. He asked another, and she refused, too. I felt so badly for that guy – he was a sweet guy, but one that was rather shy and not popular. He was considered a “nerd” and at that point in time, being a “nerd” was NOT “cool” at all! Finally his eyes met mine, and he came up to me and asked me to dance. I accepted his invitation, and we danced together. I felt embarrassed that I was his third choice, but at least I got to dance!

And the next day a lot of the kids at school came up to me and told me how much they admired how nice I was to accept his invitation to dance. That was rather embarrassing, too! But at least I got to dance – really dance – with a guy!

Happy Valentines Day to All My Sweethearts!

picture of red happy valentines day heart

I love this picture of a red Valentine’s Day heart and the letters that are different shades of pink. I think Valentine’s are for everyone – not just lovers. Even people who are not married or don’t have a boyfriend can still celebrate Valentine’s Day and enjoy candy or flowers or just simple little cards that make you fee special to someone. Happy Valentines Day to All My Sweethearts!

Promise Rings

promise ring (free clip art)

promise ring (free clip art)

I can remember when I was about sixteen years old, my boyfriends decided to get one of the pretty joy jewelers promise rings and gave it to me for a Christmas present. He told me that it was a “pre-engagement ring.” It was white gold with a tiny diamond chip in it – the diamond was so small I could barely see it! But I was so happy to get the ring, and my parents were very upset that I got it! They made me break up with him a very short time afterwards, and that broke my heart.