Groundhog Day supper at the community center

Tonight I wanted to go to the Community Center to their annual Groundhog Day supper that is put on by the local community service club. I’m pretty sure that I haven’t gone to their previous years dinners, but I could be mistaken. I was hoping that my hubby and son would come with me, but they elected to stay home. Usually I hesitate to go to something like that alone, but I’m tired of not ever going to things like that because I’m the only one that wants to go!

So I went by myself, and sat with a couple I had never met before tonight. They were friendly enough and we shared a few laughs, and actually the lady of the couple confided in my that she had recently suffered the loss of her mother, which brought tears to her eyes. I empathized with her and extended my condolences. By the time we finished eating I think I had made some new friends!

Catch 22

Guest post by Sandra Hutchins

When we moved five years ago, we listed our house in New England for sale. The house is in a great location; a popular tourist area. We had no reason to believe that it would not sell quickly. So, we listed it for sale with a well-known real estate agent, expecting the offers to simply pour in. She told us that the house was worth twice what we thought it was worth, and she convinced us to list it at a high price.

So, we signed a one-year exclusive contract with her, and sat back and waited for the hundreds of buyers to come pouring through the door and waging a bidding war! Little did we know that the only thing that the real estate agent would do to sell our home was to give our papers to her secretary to have it posted on the MLS and their website.

In the year that the house was listed with her, the house was shown only three times. Having anticipated a quick sale, we bought another house, which we are currently living in now. Then my hubby was in a bad car accident last fall, which left him unable to work, and no money is coming in yet from the insurance settlement. Mainly because we haven’t gone into settlement yet, my hubby is still going through medical treatments and procedures.

So, long story short, we have run out of money to pay the mortgage on the house in New England. I sent a letter to the mortgage company for that house, requesting special hardship forbearance. I explained the circumstances that the house was for sale, my hubby was injured, that we could make up the payments when the house sold or my hubby went back to work.

The mortgage company denied our request, saying the reason for the denial was that we did not make enough money to pay the mortgage! Talk about a Catch-22! That’s why I sent them the hardship forbearance request!

What is even more upsetting about the denial is that this particular mortgage company is “the one” that has been in the news almost every week, in stories about how hard they are trying to help their customers avoid losing their houses!

So, we have stopped making payments on that house, and are hoping that an offer comes in from a buyer before the mortgage company forecloses on it. I was really hoping to avoid foreclosure because we have had excellent credit our whole lives, and the foreclosure will mark us with bad credit ratings for seven years, which will make our lives a lot more difficult.

A homeowner’s nightmare

This should act like a caveat to people who are purchasing homes that are on the market because of a foreclosure. You could end up regretting the day you even looked at the house! There was an article that I had read a while back on Yahoo news about a family near Columbus Ohio that had been scared out of their house that they legally bought. They were scared out by the man who used to own it and had lost it during foreclosure. The man was stalking them, blocking their driveway with his truck, coming to their door and asking them to let him have his house back.

This struggle lasted for eight years before the new family finally gave up the struggle and moved out. The previous owner has been ruled mentally ill and therefore not being punished for his actions. The story did not indicate who is living in the house now.

This is a really sad story, and it makes me wonder how many times something like this is going to happen in the future? So many people have lost their houses; I wonder how many of them are going to “take it out” on the people who move into those houses!

Christmas television

Guest post by Barb Hutchins

Well my hubby has been very insistent that we watch the Christmas television specials together this year “for the baby.” That’s all well and good, but I have seen those shows enough times that I really don’t care to watch them again for a while longer. Again, baby being so young I don’t think he’ll remember any of it. Humoring him, however, I said we could watch them together as long as HE held the baby and kept the baby entertained while I stayed in the room and wrapped Christmas gifts or worked on some craft items that I want to get done before Christmas or addressed Christmas cards and get them ready to mail. So that is what we have been doing and it seems to be working out well. I can deal with this tradition if my hubby is the caretaker while the shows are running!

The Guitar, Not the Car

When Steve told me that he is going to buy a 2016 Firebird, I thought I was pretty smart by telling him that the Firebird (the Pontiace Trans Am car) had not been in production since 2002. I had actually taken the time to look that up on the snopes website that so many people use to help find out if rumors or true. Well, I felt pretty silly when Steve told me that he was talking about a guitar, and not a car! Oh well, you can’t win them all!