Good party music

party (free clip art)

party (free clip art)

Our neighbors across the street just invited us to come to their big “end of the summer” party this weekend. They have hired a professional dj and are having a pot-luck cook-out in their front yard. Every year these neighbors have a big “end of the summer” party, and they invite us every year. We’ve never actually attended the party, but we do enjoy listening to the great music while we sit on our front porch after dinner. I think this year I’d like to go over for a bit if I can muster up the energy to go over!

Take a Fun Break

We were talking at work about our co-workers who are always taking smoke breaks. Some of these guys are taking a 10 minute break to go outside and smoke almost every hour. Since they cannot smoke in the showroom, they have to go stand outside. But all that time outside adds up. If they spend 10-15 minutes of every hour smoking, that is almost a full two hours total of the day that they are not working while the rest of us are still inside at our desks working. How do they get to goof off so much while I still have to slave away at my desk?

So I’ve decided to start taking a few smoke breaks, too. Even though I don’t smoke, I want to be able to take 10 minutes every once in a while during the work day to clear my mind and do something that I enjoy. After all, that is what the guys are doing. It is too hot to stand around outside for 10 minutes, so I am going to close the door to my office and not take phone calls for two “smoke breaks” every day.

Instead of smoking, I will be finding something fun to do on my computer. There are free games and things I can download that only take a few minutes. Like the Foxybingo web site that I found this morning – that is a perfect diversion. I can sit at my desk in air conditioned comfort, no one can see in my office to know what I am doing, and I can log in to the Foxybingo site and play a few games to relax.

It will be nice to have a little diversion each morning and a nice pick me up in the afternoon. I think a few games will help put me in a good mood and I won’t be poisoning my lungs by sucking smoke into my lungs. When I have a happy attitude I feel like the customers can tell and that they are easier to deal with. If they are easier to deal with, then we are all happier and we all benefit.

If Your Sign is Leo

Leo (free clip art)

Leo (free clip art)

I have known some people with the astrological sign Leo. They were good, solid people, with strong beliefs about what is right and wrong, very dependable, and very protective of the people and things that they loved.

Isn’t it funny how some of the astrological traits really do apply to people? I read my horoscope for entertainment and almost never find a forecast that really comes true for me. But I know a lot of people who take it seriously, to the point of not dating someone who was born under the wrong sign to be compatible with their own sign.

I am such a people person, that I find myself attracted to a lot of Aquarius and Gemini people. I don’t know enough about it to know why, but most of my good friends were either born in January or June. The only sign that I am wary of is Scorpio. That is the sign of very passionate and violent people. Over the years, that is an extreme that I do not want to be around. I don’t like jealous and violent people and Scorpio seems to bring that out in several people who I know were born in November. I’ve had relationships with two Scorpio guys – and I will never allow myself to do that again.

Found Penny Brings Me Luck

lucky penny (free clip art)

lucky penny (free clip art)

Today I had my car keys in hand and was about to get in my car when I noticed something on the ground by my foot. It was a shiny new penny! I suppose some people think that stopping what they are doing to bend over and pick up just a penny is not worth the effort or their time, but to me that penny was a lucky charm. I picked it up and placed it on the car console next to my coffee mug and it has brought me good luck all day!

i wonder how many people get to spend their day feeling lucky? It gives you an extra boost of confidence and that shows in your posture, in how quickly or purposefully you walk, the happy in your smile and the extra sparkle in your eyes. I love the lucky feeling and if all it takes is a moment to bend over and pick up a penny from the ground to make that happen, then I will stop and pick up any penny at any time – even in the pouring rain.

There are other things that make me feel lucky, such as getting a letter or card in the mail that I was not expecting, or even a phone call from someone who has been on my mind and surprises me with a call for no reason other than to say hi.

How about you? What makes you feel lucky?

John Lennon Songwriting Contest

Sean was bemoaning that he found out about the John Lennon Songwriting Contest being sponsored by musciansfriend after the June 15th deadline. I had never heard of the contest before, but apparently it is a big deal. I went to YouTube and found this video about it – there is a pretty big cash prize! I wonder if the contest is held every year, or if this is a one-time thing.