I love to use coupons

One thing I am proud of is how much money I save when I use coupons. The whole reason I get the Sunday newspaper is to clip the coupons from it to save money on our weekly groceries, and at our favorite restaurants like LongHorn and Outback. I know a lot of people that tell me that they print their coupons from the Internet, but to be honest, with the price of printer ink, I think that it costs more money in ink to print them than it saves in groceries! I wish there was a smart-phone app that I could use that would let me collect coupons and use through a wave of the phone across a terminal at the store so I wouldn’t have to spend time clipping and filing, and money on the newspaper!

One way to save money when shopping online is to type in some key words for exactly what you are looking for. For example, if you are looking to save extra money at the musicians friend website, you can go to a search engine and type in the key words “musicians friend coupon” and you will be led to a page that offers you ways to save money. Sometimes you will get a code that you can copy and paste at the check-out process, but sometimes you are told to call a phone number to get the coupon code information over the phone. I don’t like having to call someone for a code, though. I feel that puts too much pressure on me.

Love to Celebrate with Fireworks!

I love the Fourth of July! It has always been the day when the family gets together and has great food, lots of fun on the water skiing and wakeboarding, and we top off the day with a fireworks show over the water. The Fourth is a really big deal where I grew up. We have a Fireman’s Parade, a boardwalk art show, two beauty pageants (Miss Colonial Beach and Little Miss Colonial Beach) and a big family dance on the pier with free local music and Christmas lights strung all over the pier, the businesses, the parking lots, trees and bushes and all the homes. The whole town puts the lights up the weekend before the Fourth of July and leaves them up until the Sunday after the fourth.

fireworks (free clip art)

fireworks (free clip art)

I especially love it when the Fourth falls on a Friday or a Monday so we can make a long holiday weekend out of it. Of course, a lot of people try to plan their summer vacation around the Fourth, so the beaches are the most packed that weekend. But if you are young and single, the big turnout that week just increases your chances of meeting some great guys and having even more fun! So, Happy Birthday America! I hope everyone has a great holiday!

Mad Dash for a Father’s Day Gift

Tonight I mad a mad dash out to Target to buy a Father’s Day gift for my stepfather. I knew it was Father’s Day tomorrow, but I had bought him a greeting card and a gift card. Then I was talking to my mom on the phone this afternoon and she mentioned that they don’t like getting gift cards, for various reasons. I don’t agree with most of their reasons, but I knew right away that the gift card was not going to be well received. So I ran out to Target to find an actual gift.

My stepfather loves to putter around in the garden and I went straight to the lawn and garden section to see if they had anything that would might a nice gift. I saw the section of barbecue grills and all of the accessories and decided to get him about $100 worth of BBQ tools, hickory chips, a grill cover and a special bowl with holes in it to use for vegetables on the grill, so they don’t roll off or fall through the spaces in the grate. I bet he will love all these grilling items and put them to use pretty quick, too.

I guess I will find someone else who would like the gift card to Longhorn Steakhouse restaurant that I was going to give him. I remember he raved about the Longhorn last time they went out to dinner with me, but since he doesn’t want gift cards, I will hold onto it for a while or maybe even use it myself when I feel like going out to a restaurant for a nice steak dinner.

Synthetic or Natural

Normally I try to use natural products instead of synthetic, but when I learned about the benefits of the fibracell synthetic reeds for musical instruments, I had to admit that I was intrigued. I do worry about the environment impact of synthetic products, but I have to admit that the description of the benefits of using these reeds makes a very convincing case to try them because of their durability. I’d like to learn more about the manufacturing process.

Ironing is SUCH a Joyless Chore!

Ironing (free clip art)

Ironing (free clip art)

Most of the time I can put off ironing. I hate this chore! I find ironing completely boring. The only way I can bear to do it is to put the ironing board in front of the TV and watch a funny show for an hour or two while I get the ironing done.

When I was a little girl, that was my assigned weekly chore. I did get an allowance for doing the household ironing, but it did not seem like enough money for the hours and hours that I had to spend ironing all the clothes.

Most of my clothes do not need ironing, as I try to not buy anything that will need ironing. But some of the nice clothes for work do require ironing and taking them to the dry cleaner gets way too expensive to do that every week. So, I keep a basket of clothes that need ironing, and I try to save them up until there is enough to spend a couple of hours one night while watching TV.